Tomorrow Starts With A Solution

CyberCore Technologies, in partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise, has released their National Institute of Standards and Technology Enabled Infrastructure solution called SecureStak. SecureStak is the world’s first secure, scalable, and cloud-enabled data center that combines leading data center products with NIST security standards and guidelines, delivered using CyberCore Technologies’ ISO 28000:2007 and ISO 20243:2015 certified secure supply chain risk management methodology. This unique approach significantly reduces the risk associated with counterfeit or maliciously tainted products being introduced into the supply chain. SecureStak enables the end user to procure pre-configured, tested, and authorized data center systems with strong security features, reducing the time required to receive an Authorization to Operate.



Cloud Enabled

Secure Supply Chain

Accelerated ATO Timeline

Technology That Enables Change

Software defined automation and the proliferation of open standards are quickly transforming Information Technology objectives into technology solutions, rather than individual components like a server, a virtualization platform, or a software product. Change that drives enhanced security and lower operating expense starts with a flexible, secure and repeatable information technology framework.


SecurStak is complete with 250+ NIST Security Controls, Implementation Language, Nessus XML output and PEN Tests.


SecurStak provides architecture for Red Hat KVM (RHEV) in a pre-tested, secure and ATO friendly architecture. Accented with a “pay for use” model.


IT solutions often depend on the same core infrastructure: servers, storage and network. Built from the core infrastructure, organizations provide services ranging from e-mail to analytics to organization specific services and applications. The SecurStak framework provides servers, storage (block, file, object), network, management delivered via cloud and/or automated infrastructure.

SecurStak simply makes “cents”

The cost for an organization to develop, implement and PEN test security controls and baselines can easily exceed $250,000 per security baseline.

The objective: Provide a rapid path to an authorized data center. SecurStak provides about 85% of the documentation needed for an organization to acquire an authorization, allowing the customer to go to an ATO status within weeks, not months.

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